For the ongoing project there are two major ways contributions can be made.

1. The project covers all the areas of the historic coinage of the Indian empires. New works or proposed works can be presented for review to the co- chairmen. This  can be completed with a confidentiality agreement if required. The work presented here will be reviewed for suitability for publishing by our publishers. There may be  requirements to change specific layouts etc in order to fulfill publishing requirements for the total project of The Coins of India. Should the works be selected for continuing to publishing, the original submitter of the works will carry the main author’s title on the book.

2. With the careful study of coins and more information being made available for collectors to help with complete attributions new dates, date combinations, mints and even coin issuers are being discovered. If you have something new please advise …so that the records may be up dated. Information needed for this includes the best pictures possible for the obverse and reverse of the coin, the dimensions and, if possible, the weight. These details will be reviewed and checked and if necessary a visual inspection arranged. Also please advise your attribution of the coin to be examined.

For contributions please email

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