Thanks To

Barry Tabor of Cambridgeshire for passing on his notes of uncompleted research work on the Rohilla mints and the highly interesting separate research on the problem of Kora and the surrounding mints. Thank you for providing the foreword and the continuing advice and inspiration to overcome difficulties.

David Rumsey of the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection for allowing the use of specific maps from his great collection.

Stephen Album of Stephen Album Rare Coins for his guidance, advice and help on many things but especially his advice on the auction catalog coding system for use in sales catalogs.

Jan Lingen for his steady and knowledgeable guidance and for our final acceptance of his suggestion that we work on the copper coins of the Mughals as well as the silver and gold.

Over time many others will be added to the list because there are already many to list. For those who find an unlisted coin, new date, new mint etc a special section will be added to recognize your contributions.

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