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As time slips by and new technologies emerge… perhaps the days of the dedicated numismatist working solo… locked away in a cold and lonely garret, are coming to an end. That is not to say that they will not make major contributions in the future. The idea to arrange a team of experts in various fields is not new in research, but it perhaps is in publishing works on numismatics!. The accountant, the scientist, the data harvester, the educator, the mapper etc combining to produce works to tell, educate and entertain. This makes the previous inaccessible accessible by the use of creative display techniques and sympathetic translations of the inscriptions especially the couplets so much admired on the Mughal coins. The inscriptions are brought to life by the pioneering display and presentation methods devised by Mohammed Tariq.

Following the successful release of the first book on the silver coins of Shah Alam I Bahadur our second manuscript on the coins of Jahandar Shah (gold, silver and copper) has now been presented to our publisher.

Work is continuing on a further series of manuscripts.

Arthur Needham: Co- chairman now retired with a corporate background has an intense long-term interest in Indian numismatics, Indian history and the Persian language. He started intense preparatory work on the project some three years ago and spent time investigating the use of XRF technology in the numismatic study of the alloys of Indian coins. An unfortunate accident not long after the start of this process reduced certain functions. However with the contact systems available through the internet discussions soon started with co- chairman Mohammed Tariq who demonstrated new methods of displaying coins for both the novice and experienced collector alike.

 Mohammed Tariq: Co- chairman, a qualified accountant, student of Persian and student of Islam has a fine sense of presentation and a deep knowledge of important aspects within the broader numismatic craft. His design and refinement of the illustration method used in all of the works to be published is the key to works coming alive and offering accessibility to all overs of the coins of Indian empress. As a student of Islam he adds a balance to perceptions and translations of certain aspects of the coinage and history. This knowledge has been acutely missed in much of the old works. He is co- author with Arthur Needham on the works of the Mughal rulers and has a keen interest in the minor and Delhi Sultanates.

 Shariful Islam: Associate professor at a leading Bangladesh university has a passion for the history of the modern state of Bangladesh and of the old state known as Bengal. A developed knowledge of Persian and an appreciation of history has helped developed his first manuscript on the history of coinage of old Bengal. Following this presentation Shariful will concentrate of the coinage of the Bengal Sultanate.

 Anitha and Nirmal Kumar: A husband and wife team currently working outside India, they present an array of qualifications in science, education and engineering. In the recent past they have concentrated on the production of maps for the previously unpublished works of the numismatist Barry Tabor. Recent work has also progressed on mapping the historic mining areas of India. They have recently started a major undertaking based on mapping various empires. Nirmal has extensive IT knowledge and their university education covers a range of necessary skills which make them invaluable to the overall team.

 Manohar Publishers: A major publishing contract is held with the pre-eminent publishers in India, Manohar Publishers. The personal attention of Mr Ramesh Jain to the start of the project and the excellent quality of the work from Manohar provides the necessary working partnership that can present the works that rely on the heavy use of colour to the best advantage. The printing of the books in India also makes them as accessible as possible to the widest audience. The careful attention to detail before the launch of any of the many works in progress will ensure that readers, libraries and universities can be certain that a style and quality will run through all the publications.

 The team is, for those working in numismatics, comparatively relatively young. Intense pressures of expectation and other peer pressures can build up to great heights. However we are pleased to advise that Mr Abhay Agrawal and Mr Amit Mehta noted Indian industrialists and collectors will act as mentors, advisors and confidants. Steady and knowledgeable hands and heads will enable all of our contributors, now and in the future to be in safe hands and be offered sure, local guidance.

 If you believe you have something to offer to a wide ranging project please contact Arthur Needham for a confidential discussion. (Please visit the CONTRIBUTE page for details).

 For those who have coins that are not recorded in the various current catalogues please contact us so that these can be added to the database for future reference and updating. (Please visit the CONTRIBUTE page for details).

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