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A short and poorly filmed video discussing a number of points. We are researchers not film makers. Below are links to three songs. For those interested they should be watched in sequence. They follow the flow of the video contents.

The first two are by the great punk band The Saints. Yes we are dealing with punks here. the last by the great group and cyber friends Kinobe.






Helping, Hindering or Just Plain Negative?

Following from the previous post we come to the interesting spectre of a seemingly endless group of people who seem to delight in “exposing” the problems of major auction houses, major sellers and other well controlled selling sites.

It is no secret that we take somewhat of a dislike to people doing private deals through Facebook and Whatsapp etc. This is simply a fair warning of consequences to new players in the collecting game. There are some, a very small number, of these groups that have some elite numismatic people as active members and control things nicely. However these sites are a great rarity.

There has been over the last few months an increased daring by a group of people who have started to attack major selling houses on what is often the flimsiest of evidence.  A wrong attribution or two does men they are are incompetent. The claim of fakes by someone ( often a relatively unknown “expert”) in a major catalogue will bring howls of protest from equal unknowns. The point is it has happened since selling began and it has happened in the biggest and best auction houses from time to time. So we have three paths.

  1. Immediately spread the word through social media that this selling organisation are cheats thieves and rogues because you say so despite an implied understanding that these sellers have in house and consultant experts. This is plain negative of course. Already skitish new comers who are bombarded with stories of heart break (read stupidity) about someone ripped off by private sales, assailed by comments from the unknowing that auction are rigged now are completely turned off the idea of collecting.
  2. Write a nasty self centered letter to the suction house/selling saying they are complete fools. This is hindering.
  3. Enter into correspondence with the auction house noting your concerns and explaining why you believe an error has been. This is helping and frankly in the modern era of instant communications I have not found one major seller that has not replied with a considered response. Oops I lie, there was one American seller some years ago that decided they were better than everyone. But that is life. This is helpful.

We turn to the previous article about there being two marketplaces for Indian coins. There are also two ways of doing business. Currently it appears in India that methods 1 and 2 above are preferred methods of doing business with major sellers. Sad but true and it is certainly not helpful to the industry and hobby as a whole. This seems to acceptable to those in power on social media coin sites in India. So be it.

However for those who feel empowered by these ways, and those of us who have worked in India for many years are told chapter and verse that we must live with this attitude, have seemingly decided to take these methods into the international world and spread the word about their personal views on the honesty of attributions etc on internationally based sellers.

Well in India two proverbs seem to apply.

  1. The old Chinese proverb “The mountains are high and the emperor is far away” meaning I can do what I like and I am therefore immune because the process of law and retribution is slow or non existent.
  2. The old Indian proverb “An elephant does not pause to listen to barking dogs” meaning that if any one defends themselves against unwarranted attack I can find enough people to suggest they are wrong in defending their reputation because everyone “knows” they are bigger than criticism, hmmm.

However folks once outside India 1 and 2 do not apply in business. In fact if you wish to attack by point 1 above the reaction is likely to be swift and sure and if you attack by point 2 you will be ignored. And please take note that just because you reside in India and the process of law maybe slow the law you have broken may not be in India and things might move much swifter than you can imagine.

So you can either be nasty, hindering or a helper. It is your choice and as we are often told you play by the rules (lol) in the house you are playing in. The same applies to everyone once you venture outside your house.