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There is no better time than now to help solve some of the mysteries of numismatics in the great Sub Continent. We hope you can assist us in this new research. We don’t even mind being told we are wrong. So please join in when asked and HELP.

Please follow us to ensure you receive all of our updates.

Clicks on the tabs for specific sections. Our BOOK tab keeps you updated on the progress of our major book plans and published works. The E-MAGAZINE tab takes you to our publications in e-magazine format for purchase and of course our BLOG tab takes you to the Blog.

The journey will be long, as intense as you would like to make it and informative.

With the help of the great Indian publishing house of Manohar, a new journey in the numismatics of the greater Indian sub-continent is about to begin. The journey involves everyone. We hope you will help contribute by advising of coins unlisted in general catalogs and dates of coins that remain unlisted.

The work will be interactive and update-able. Eras, reigns and coins will be presented in full colour and as a first the transcriptions will come alive with full dedicated translations.

Coins with couplets will have the verses re translated and shown in full colour for ease of demonstration learning. The meaning and presentation of the couplets will be fully discussed.

Learn and enjoy with us. Help us make new discoveries. The first of a long series of books is now in our publisher’s final edit!

A review has been taken of the current proposed publishing schedule. Initially we called for submissions for potential new work however it has been decided that no new work from outside the core research group can now be accepted. A specific standard is required for work including presentation and that standard will not be reduced for any publication or work presenter regardless of previous work that may have been published.

Mohammed Tariq and Arthur Needham”


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  1. Many thanks, Arthur. I will be interested to see what comes of this welcome addition to the several Indian Coin sites, most of which have been bogged down with selfish, self-obsessed academics getting high on their own BO! I hope the moderatos (whoever they are) will be very firm about insulting, denigrating and humiliating comments, as well as concerning actual content. I wish you well for the future, and hope to see some of the publications you intend to introduce to an expectant audience before I end up pushing up daisies! All the best to you all.

    Barry Tabor (UK)

    1. Dear Barry,

      Well said. I agree to your observation that quite a few blogs today have been bogged down under the weight of a few self professed experts. I wish Arthur, Tariq & the team well for the future and hope this endevour helps many budding numismatists in the long run.

  2. Congratulations. Wish you all the best. Platform of this type is the need of the hour. Looking forward to meaningful contributions from the members and continue learning in the process.

  3. I would love to become part of it. I am good in world paper money , specially India paper money. I’m into this field from last 16 years.

  4. Thanks Administrators for allowing me to be part of of such an educative site. I would be keen to provide inputs on the Punch marks on Mughal coins. If possible, on IPS and Saltanat coins also. The mystry of these marks was always an enigma to me as ther are are hundreds of these. Shall post a few of these on the site soon. Thanks for my entry as a member- Prof. Vibhuti Rai

  5. Thnx Arthur Needham Sir & Tariq Bhai, any image of mughal coins from my collection is always available for ur research works, keep it up

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